Friday, 18 November 2011

How to manually remove AV Protection 2011 Virus (fake software)?

Have AV Protection 2011 Virus how do I get rid of it?

AV Protection 2011 is a new released fake antivirus(also known as rogue software) enters user's computer without their permission. Once they have infected a system, these applications will be posing as the victim of anti-virus software to detect hundreds of threats on the computer. When a user attempts to remove the threat, they will be told to buy products 'integrity' licenses, many times they are taking the bait, and to do so. However, once the user to purchase a license, will not hear the "seller" and then remind them of the existence of threats and fake anti-virus software will have on their computers. AV Protection 2011 cannot protect your computer but bring harm to your system. AV Protection 2011 can give you more and more uncomfortable warnings on your computer. It is a scam.

AV Protection 2011 would appear in front of y our desktop with every system log-in. Immediately the above-mentioned fake system scan would be initiated, following by the same fictitious report about the availability of thousands of malwares supposedly detected on your machine. The purposes of the rogue AV Protection 2011 is to scare you to purchase the product. Your computer it is very slow on and off the internet once infected with AV Protection 2011 rogue. Users browse the Web, download media player codec, click the link in the email and so could easily be infected with AV Protection 2011. Antivirus programs just cannot keep up to remove any of them. You must remove AV Protection 2011 virus ASAP.

AV Protection 2011 ScreenShot

What is the best way to delete AV Protection 2011 Virus?

AV Protection 2011 is nothing but a horrible threat. Just make sure to entirely get rid of AV Protection 2011. Please do not hesitate to contact PC experts to completely get rid of AV Protection 2011 Virus .

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