Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Remove Cloud AV 2012 Virus - Cloud AV 2012 activation code

Cannot remove Cloud AV 2012 virus completely?

Cloud AV 2012 is a fake security application and a new released big threat. Once attacked by Cloud AV 2012 rogue antispyware, your computer was completely taken over with the W32 fake PC scanner thing, and finding a zillion malware things. How did cloud av 2012 get onto my computer? It got past mcafee? Cloud AV 2012 also performs a fake system scan, which also should also convince the user that there is not other way out of the problem. Where to find cloud av 2012 virus removal hosts? Cloud AV 2012 shows false scan results in order to scare customers into purchasing its activation code or registry key. Once installed, Cloud AV 2012 will start a system scan and report numerous false security threats. It tells you it may perform full PC Scan, but if you take the action then you will be redirected to its so-called legit window to get your money by Cloud AV 2012.

Actually, Cloud AV 2012 rogue program uses scare tactics to convince users that their computers are infected. You cannot even get into task manager, all internet down, all programs closed, nothing works. It is a malicious scam. Firewall warning hidden file transfer to remote host has been detected. Fake Cloud AV 2012 won’t let you open internet and will start appearing just after it gets into your machine. Even if go to safe mood with networking still no luck, cloud av 2012 restore tcp ip settings. Does the virus actually like steal personal information or not? Yes, its main scam to get people to pay for the fake antivirus. Cloud AV 2012 malware may block antivirus and antispyware programs that why you will have to ends its processes before installing any removal tool. If you find that your computer is infected with Cloud AV 2012 virus, please follow the removal instructions below to remove Cloud AV 2012 Virus.

Cloud AV 2012 Screenshot

Cloud AV 2012 Manual removal Tips

You can easily and safely eliminate Cloud AV 2012 available online or with the manual removal guide below. This will make sure all the Windows Troubles Solver infections are removed from your computer.First, you can end it from task manager. Right click Tool bar, select Start Task Manager.
%AppData%\[random]\Cloud AV 2012.ico
%DesktopDir%\Cloud AV 2012.lnk
%Programs%\Cloud AV 2012\Cloud AV 2012.lnk
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[random].exe”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Shell” = “[random].exe”

Cloud AV 2012 is a nasty virus, and is deeply located in your registry, many people got the virus either thru porn or facebook, it is shit and even if you tried to access it in Safe-mode, but the scan would not run and Cloud AV 2012 alert kept popping up. If you thought you don’t have expert skills and were scare of the remains of the virus, I suggest you live chat with PC expert tech support to remove Cloud AV 2012 virus completely from your PC.

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